Is this what you imagine an outdoor spa bath to be?

An outdoor spa bath can be tranquil and relaxing as you enjoy nature in the warmth of the surrounding water. However, most outdoor baths either don't have jets or the massage does not have enough pressure. Outdoor spa baths of this kind will also need filling with water every use.

A spa bath used to be a luxury bathroom item, but the spa market has evolved a lot over the years. If you're searching for an outdoor spa bath, you're most likely looking for what we now call an 'outdoor spa pool'. You can buy spas for your backyard that are of a similar size to a large spa bath if you'd like to bathe outdoors, and they have come a long way since the old fashioned white plastic tub with a few jets. Lounging seats filled with full body jet massage systems have replaced the weak flow from spa bath jets of the past.

As you can imagine, a warm bath at the end of a long day can be just what you need to ease you into a restful nights sleep. But remember, you will need to fill an indoor spa bath each time you use it, so unless you plan ahead, you may be over it before the bath even has time to fill.

This is why we've created our compact range of spa pools. Similar in size to your typical spa bath in the bathroom, but at temperature and ready to use whenever you feel like a relaxing massage.  Water clarity is also easy to care for with our ozone and clearzone sanitisation systems which look after your spa water 24/7.

This is our range of compact spas which you will find to the closest comparison to a spa bath. 



Compact models similar in size to a spa bath with better massage

Compact : small & powerful


We've packed as many jets as we can into some of our most compact spas. At 2m or less, these spas can still deliver a powerful massage and can also to fit onto decks, balconies and smaller backyard spaces

The rested position of our contoured seating is much more supportive than you would be used to from a typical spa bath, the soft curves follow the lines of your body, offering support where it's most needed as you relax. In particular, the lower lumbar region of your back will benefit from the supportive contours of our soft acrylic interior. This is in contrast to the angled sides of most old fashioned and modern bath shapes.

Reduce muscle tension : with improved running gear and more advanced massage jets, our spas will beneficially stimulate blood flow and lower the tension in your muscles. Muscle tension can increase your daily discomfort and also the chance of injury so a warm spa bath is recommended as a frequent treatment to help relieve tense muscles.

Increases blood circulation : the stimulation of the massage jets in combination with the warm water in a spa pool / bath helps to promote healthy blood flow which enables the tissues throughout your body to be replenished more quickly. The heat also opens the pores of your skin to allow for more effective cleansing of toxins.

Raise 'feel good' serotonin levels : a warm bath can help stimulate the production of serotonin in your body. Directly related to your feelings of happiness, adequate serotonin production can boost your 'feel good' hormones and help you handle stress better.

Proudly Australian

Sapphire Spas opened in 2003 with the goal of providing Australian-Made, Australian-Owned, and Australian-Quality outdoor spa baths / pools for sale. By designing and manufacturing our spas in Melbourne, we have eliminated the need to import foreign spas while simultaneously offering jobs to Australian workers. By keeping manufacturing in-house, you can also be assured that our spas are built to the highest standard due to Australia's rigorous quality standards.

If the luxury of an outdoor spa and the promise of Australian-Made appeals to you, Sapphire Spas invites you to explore our vast range of spas. Whatever you are after, from a 2 person outdoor spa to a swim spa, we have something to suit any need.


Our Range of Australian Outdoor Spa Baths

We are sure you will discover the perfect addition to your home in one of our four distinct ranges of outdoor spa baths. These ranges include:

Compact: Our compact range designed to suit smaller families. Whether you have a partner that you want to relax with or to treat yourself and relax with a good book, this range is ideal for smaller spaces with a size of just 2m x 2m.

Family: The family range of outdoor spa baths accommodates every size family. With varying seating arrangements that can safely accommodate your youngest child to your tallest family member, this range is designed to make family nights a time you will all cherish and enjoy.

Luxurious: Luxury is a word that is synonymous with an outdoor spa bath, and our luxury range is no exception. Place your outdoor spa bath on a rooftop, or turn it into an inground spa for added elegance. The possibilities are endless and this luxury could be yours with a simple phone call.

Entertain: The entertainer range is our largest range of outdoor spa baths. With spas that fit up to 12 people, it is a dream addition for any person who loves to host parties. With a range of optional extras available, this spa will impress anyone who crosses the threshold of your outdoor spa area.

Get in touch – visit your local retail showroom

If you want to see our spas in person, you’ve come to the right place to find your new outdoor spa bath. We have local dealerships and showrooms right across the country. To make it as easy as possible for you, we have ensured that there are multiple ways you can contact us!

  • Visit our showroom nearby - see these magnificent Sapphire Spas in person by visiting one of our showrooms
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