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A Worthy Decision For Your Outdoor Spa Bath - All That You Need To Know


Do you daydream about the leisure time sitting in your comfort zone at your own outdoor spa pool? Sapphire Spas is the place where you can make your dream come true. Living in Australia among the sandy beaches, hiking bush trails and water sports spots is a blessing in disguise. Being a part of the land down under, you can experience both hot and cold climates depending which city you are in and to revitalize energy and boost up the spirits in such weather what can be more engaging than having your own spa pool.



We offer a classified range of products which are suitable to the needs of each member of the family. We handhold our customers and take them through each step with our experienced team of people.

We've been established for many years and developed a solid reputation by handling various projects for such high rise buildings, luxury resorts and family homes and apartments. Delivering our outdoor spas to any location and making installation easy for our customers is our forte. Come for a visit to see our range of spas and rely on us completely. We believe in educating our customers and making them confident about their buying decision.


Our Range of Outdoor Spa Baths In Australia


We have divided our spa pools into four main categories:

  • Compact: Our range of compact spa pools can be installed in your open-air backyard area giving you an experience of indulging yourself in a comfortable spa pool with your partner.
  • Family: Our range of family spa pools are designed to fit in the comfort zones of all the members of the family. These spa pools are the perfect choice for small to big sized families helping you to make some fun moments in your own outdoor spa bath.
  • Luxurious: You can experience an enthralling spirit with the use of our range of luxurious spa pools. Having this range of spa pools in your backyard or rooftops will surely fulfill your desires by providing a captivating experience of rejuvenating mind and body.
  • Entertain: Our range of Entertain Spa Pools lets you choose from the products which have always fascinated you. It not only provides the space just for yourself but you can sneak all your playmates for a party into it. The best one to host your outdoor parties, this spa pool comes in various sizes to provide you with big space for your parties.




Having your own outdoor spa is the best way to have your alone time by relaxing in your own private yard, you can indulge in your leisure time with the children and make fun memories that will last.


Here's some of our best selling outdoor spa baths for family, fitness & fun.

We've picked for you the most popular models from each of the outdoor spa bath range


Sapphire Spas offer you a complete guide to choosing the best outdoor spa bath:


myGetaway is an ideal spa for 2 people to get super comfy and wind down together. It is equipped with 48 standard jets and a hydro jet boost pump, LED waterline lighting, cedar cabinet and lockable hardcover. You can also opt for pure water ozone sanitation which has several health benefits


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myChillout (Family)


myChillout is perfect to accommodate the whole family. It provides you with ample relaxation space for a variety of body shapes and lengths for both the kids and adults. It is the choice which will leave you with no regrets.


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myExtravagance (Luxurious)


with unique features of customizable seats like recliner and lounge seating which are extremely enjoyable for our plush experience of an outdoor spa bath. It is articulated with 15 port massagers, huge foot space and can accommodate 6 persons.


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myParty (Entertain)


Our myParty from the Entertain range is made to accomplish your requirements. It has space for 10 people and is a star for parties. The shape ensures to provide a comfortable space for everyone to fit in the pool. Ask your friends to come around anytime to have a pool party or watch a movie whilst enjoying the spa jets and massage therapy at the same time. This beauty saves power as it utilizes only 15 amperes for a classic range and 32 amperes for a premium range.



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Have you made the decision of buying a spa pool for outdoor spa bath?

Then we are waiting eagerly to help you out in your decision making. You can reach out to us on any weekday between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at our store. You can also view our range of products on our virtual store. However, we would feel obliged to have a cup of coffee with you on our Showroom.

Stop worrying about locating a nearby store, simply fill in our enquiry form with your details and step into the door of Sapphire Spa Pools. We are the planned escape to your boredom and to swipe away the weather mood swings from you. Come and have a view of our variety of comfortable spa pools. After all, we have all you need to fulfill your desires. We will look after all your queries and will help you to the best of our abilities.

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