An Outdoor Hot Tub is no longer just a timber box heated by a wood burning fire


The old fashioned wood fired timber hot tub is a romantic ideal but not too practical. We now use the term 'outdoor hot tub' to describe any tub filled with warm water which you can soak in. These days you will also get massage jets in with the package. Some outdoor hot tubs / spa pools still have a minimum number of jets to keep the equipment costs lower. These will maybe just have a jet or two to massage your back, but spa pools these days can also provide a full body massage with 100+ jets in one portable spa pool or swim spa package.

If you’re looking for one of these luxury hot tub experiences in your own home, you’ve come to the right place. What could be more refreshing and enjoyable after a stressful week than to sink into your own outdoor hot tub where you can relax and unwind to rejuvenate for next week? Sapphire Spas offers you that luxury while helping you improve your lifestyle and well-being at the same time.

At Sapphire Spas, we know what it takes to build the outdoor hot tub for our customers’ satisfaction. We have gathered years of experience in the industry and established long-lasting customer relationships across the country and worldwide. What makes us stand apart is our ability to provide our clients with personalised and well-designed hot tub spas for their needs in cost-effective packages.

Here are some different outdoor hot tub options we provide:

Natural timber Envirogum spas :

If you are looking for a natural wood feel in your outdoor hot tub, Envirogum natural timber spa cabinets are the best. Not only do you feel good in them in your backyard, but they also give out a fresh smell of the wood with the water and steam. Also, one of the best things about this timber spa cabinet is that it will last, in a similar way to outdoor timber decking, with just the occasional coat of protective stain.

In the manufacturing process, your timber cabinet has been treated with a premium grade mould resistant stain. Regular treatment of the cabinet will enhance the natural look of the timber and ensure that your spa will always look the centre piece in its location for many years to come.

To treat your spa cabinet, you will need to lightly sand the timber, then apply a good even coat of stain. If necessary, allow first coat to dry and apply a second coat. Small marks and scratches can be treated in the same way.

For more maintenance tips, have a look at our 'Tips & Tricks' information 



Duratek maintenance-free spas :

When you are planning to install a hot tub in an outdoor location and you are not sure how much maintenance it may need, it is best to go in for a spa with a Duratek spa where the cabinet is manufactured from a plastic/composite material. These cabinet surfaces are maintenance-free and fade resistance will ensure it remains stylish for many years to come. Duratek cabinets are recommended for most weather conditions.



Decked in spas :

As long as you consider access to the equipment within your spa cabinet, you can build decking quite close to your spa. The cabinet doors to this swim spa can be undone and removed from beneath the height of this deck construction. Please consult a carpenter if you'd like more information about installing your outdoor hot tub / spa pool in this way.

You do not need a large space to have an outdoor hot tub or spa. Sapphire Spa’s have the best hot tubs for every situation and need. If you are looking for a 2 person hot tub our compact range is perfect, with several unique and thoughtfully designed models to choose from. If you have a family and want something bigger a 4+ person hot tub from our family range might be just what you need. But we don’t stop there! If you have a large family or love to entertain, a 6+ person hot tub from our luxurious or entertainer ranges is the ideal solution for your outdoor hot tub needs.

Spa Pools

Here is a selection of the spa models that we manufacture

Explore our exceptional collection of spa pools

Discover the perfect spa pool to fit your lifestyle and provide you and your family with relaxation and rejuvenation every day. 

We hope you enjoy choosing from our range of exceptional spas with a size, seating arrangement and massage therapy to suit every 'body'.


What is a spa pool?

A spa pool, also known as a hot tub or pool spa, is a specially designed structure that holds warm water. A spa pool combines the therapeutic benefits of warm water with powerful jets that provide massaging and soothing effects to the body. Spa pools offer a range of features, such as adjustable jets, seating options, lighting, and temperature control, allowing users to customise their spa pool experience. Whether for relaxation, stress relief, or socialising, spa pools provide a tranquil and luxurious retreat right in the comfort of your backyard.

Send us a picture of your backyard

We’ve installed spas just about everywhere and have stores located across Australia. So, wherever you are based, just let us know your needs and we will be happy and able to serve you. We won’t don’t just sell spas, we upgrade lifestyles. Contact us and ask how we can help create a custom landscape design in your backyard to make your new outdoor hot tub a seamless part of your life. One thing we guarantee, whichever of our spectacular spas you choose, it will be one of the best investments you ever make in your life!

If you are not sure which outdoor hot tub is best for your home and lifestyle send us a picture of your backyard and we will be happy to suggest a few options that work best for you and your family. Alternatively, you can email us your enquiry at, we invite you to include any specific information, details or design features you want and we’ll include this in our considerations when advising you about all of our suitable options. If you have seen a spa model that you like on our website and want to know if it’s the best one for your space and requirements we will be glad to help you with that as well.

Peace of mind owning a Sapphire Spa

When you buy your outdoor hot tub from Sapphire Spas you have complete peace of mind that we don’t just install it and leave you without support. We are always just a call away in case you need our help at any point in time. If you need any spare parts or repairs at any given point, or help with operating your spa, just let us know and we will be happy to come and understand your needs.

Our objective is to help you create a special place for your family which you will enjoy for years to come. We create our spas not only for having fun for your family but also to promote the luxurious lifestyle you so deserve. To learn more about our products and hot tub prices, contact us now and we will have one of our sales team members get in touch with you at your earliest convenience and answer any queries that you have.


A Little Bit About Us

We are an Australian built and owned company that has been in the industry for 20 years, providing the best service to local and international customers alike. We have built the trust of our customers by being able to supply the best portable outdoor hot tubs according to their preferences and needs. We pride ourselves on the quality of the material that we source for our spa pools and swim spas. We help our customers with a huge range of swim spas and spa pools, from small compact spas to huge entertainer models. Besides our great range of spas and hot tubs, we have client-friendly policies and also take care of any legal issues that you may face while installing a personalised hot tub or a swim spa at your place. With our many years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to provide you, our valued customers with 5-star service, results, and satisfaction.


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