Volcano jet

Distinctive water feature combined with the benefits of extreme massage experience

volcano jet

high powered volcano jet


Cohuna blaster

Enjoy a massive blast of water turbulence through this gigantic, multi-port jet; the most powerful and exhilarating jet you'll ever experience

cohuna jet


Legs, hips, thighs & buttocks

This purpose built recliner targets the muscles of your legs, hips, thighs, buttocks and calves to deliver an invigorating hydro workout without the sweat

legs_hips_thighs jet


Spinal massage

Positioned either side of the spine, these jets, together with warm water, stimualte the blood supply to aid in the recovery of aching muscles or damaged tissue


Footcell massage

Just take a minute to remember where your feet have taken you today. We have created this massage system to reward your feet and calves to get them ready for another full day tomorrow

footcell jet



By combining heat, water and air your body becomes almost weightless, relieving joint and muscle aches

midback jet


Acupressure massage

Strategically positioned cluster jets target your entire back for a luxurious, multi-point massage

acupressure jet


Neck & shoulders

Imagine four jets streaming down to release all the tension held in your neck, shoulders and upper back

neck and shoulder jet


Wrists and hands

Positioned on the arm rests either side of your seat, these pulsator jets will mimic the benefits of a visit to your physio; may be beneficial to sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome

wrist jet


Illuminated water spouts

Subtly positioned beneath the waterline, multi-coloured LED beams of light produce a fluent display, intereacting with the movement of water and bubbles within your spa

spout jet


Cascading waterfall

Enjoy the tranquil sound and gentle, soothing massage as this warm sheet of water cascades over your neck

waterfall jet


Varidrive80 massage sequences

An on-demand personal massuer. More than a 'basic' wave pump, varidrive80 offers touchpad control of 80 personalised jet pressures and three unique sequencing modes. Caters to all levels of massage requirements

varidrive80 jet