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An inground spa is like a small pool installed into the ground and used for hydrotherapy, relaxation, or pleasure. They typically have water jets for massage and has air shooting jets in the lower end. Inground spas or hot tubs are also known as a Jacuzzi, however Jacuzzi is actually just a popular brand name, not a type of spa. Spas built into the ground could be made in conjunction with an inground swimming pool as well. You can also sink in a hot tub into the ground. However, you must do it carefully else you may end up repairing it.



If you are considering the perfect location to install your inground spa, try somewhere in the yard with an open space or a scenic view so that you can appreciate the nature around you. After all one of the benefits of being inground means that it will not block any views and keep a spacious look.



We are listing out a few options of the inground spa for you to choose from:

Acrylic inground spa:


Having an acrylic inground spa is a good plan when you want to live in a place for the long term as this will be a fixed spa in your backyard. The inground spa featuresa multi-jet spa just like in a hot tub. However, it is designed with its structure and layout made for in-ground installations. All the spas offered by us have integrated leg kits as well as pre-plumbed pipe work layouts. Another advantage of an acrylic inground spa is that it does not require too much maintenance. Unlike acrylic surfaces, concrete surfaces being porous require regular acid wash or re-plastering. Besides these, the installation of an acrylic inground spa is also faster and easier. It will save you time and money.


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Overflow inground spa:


Owning an overflow inground spa can be a dream for many homeowners. In a raised overflow pool, the water will flow out of edge into either a channel or another pool or water body placed at a lower level than the surface of the pool. In some case, it can also create a real cascade effect. Some other times, a water wall can also elegantly flow on the edge of the pool. This kind of effect can even resemble a sheet of glass and produce a reflective surface while the water circulates over the pool’s side, or into a tank or container. It could also flow back into the pool constantly creating a smooth surface. This may not create any discernible ripples which can destroy the illusion.

The inground overflow spas offered by us provide you a special optical effect and a unique bathing experience. Besides providing you many air and water jets, our inground spas also contain a spring jet at the bottom of the pool. This can give your feet and ankles a soft and gentle water massage. If you like, you can also switch on the blower, and a bubbling volcano will erupt which will powerfully knead your legs.


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Gunite Spas:


A gunite spa is quite like a pool. However, it could be a bit smaller. They have been quite popular during the 1970s for parties. This kind of anin-ground sparemainspopular. You can either install a gunite spa by itself or even integrate it with a larger swimming pool. The two spaces can even share heating and filtration systems. Although this type of spa is quiteexpensive, it offers unlimited options in terms of having them in varied sizes, shapes, and specific details. This kind of spa is also costly when it comes to heating it. Some of the sleek and modern pools, this visible dividing wall has been disappearing and ends up creating a highly reflective surface in a rectangular shape. Also, the wall that separates the spa from the pool water is above a few millimeters above the surface of the pool water in such a way that there is no visible difference between the two.


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Fiberglass Spas:


A fiberglass inground spa is usually designed to provide you the health as well as recreational benefits at an affordable rate. The ready-made fiberglass spa shell is installed quite like a gunite pool but at much less the price. Cleaning of a fiberglass in-ground spa is much easier as it has a smooth surface. It also comes in many shapes, colors as well as sizes, with different jet options. It can be set into a wood deck for sites that are uneven or finding solutions for underground conditions like bedrock or a high-water table. The best thing about fiberglass spa is that it is designed with many different types of jets, seats, armrests recliner, pillows, and even cup holders. There are also many contemporary designs that can easily be repaired or replaced.



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If you are looking for a spa that allows you to swim a distance without going into a pool, a swim spa is your solution! A swim spa is a rectangular spa that has a water flow from one side which works against the swimmer. You can also change the flow of the water with a simple knob twist. Swim spa is an idea for those you need exercise at home as a therapy in a smaller space than a regular pool at the comfort of their home.



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With the trend of different spas being demanded as per the various needs of the customers, a blend of pool and spa is coming up quite a bit. People usually prefer a larger spa with a smaller pool. An in-ground spa is a pool used year round, even when it is snowing in winters. You can also use it as an active party space or look at it as a place for private relaxation. Coming to conclude, an in-ground spa can prove to be one of the most versatile water features for your home and the landscape.

If you need any help in installing an inground spa for your exact requirement, please do get in touch with us and we will work with you to design a customized solution.

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