An inground spa doesn't need to be a major construction project

An inground spa is usually constructed onsite from concrete or you could bury a fiberglass or concrete pre-built spa into the earth. Both these construction methods pose possible risks when it comes to maintenance as the outer workings of the jets and pipework are fully buried under the ground once the project is complete.

Instead, you could consider partially enclosing your new spa pool or swim spa by building a decked or bricked area around the shell of your spa. The dirt will be retained and kept away from the equipment, jets and pipework of your spa to avoid issues and allow for ease of access and maintenance.

With a little planning and care, many spa pools and swim spas can be installed as inground spas. Allowing them to blend more harmoniously into the surroundings of your private yard.

The best place to install a below ground spa is somewhere with a view. Ideally somewhere where you can still enjoy your view while fully seated in your inground spa. Due to their larger size and the need to access the sides for maintenance, it can be difficult to install a below ground swim spa. A semi inground swim spa can be a great way to solve this while creating a unique backyard feature with a commanding view, this is especially popular on hilltop installs.

Create the illusion of an inground spa

An inground pool and spa is a great way to create a seamless backyard experience. Installing an inground swim spa can even be used as a clever way to replace a swimming pool entirely, fulfilling the roles of both an inground spa pool and swimming pool in one.

Inground spa installation used to be very expensive and require installing custom concrete spa pools poured on site. However, with adequate planning many of Sapphire Spa’s above ground spa pools and swim spas can be installed so they function much like an inground swimming pool. A popular way to reduce the cost of digging a pool into your backyard is by building a deck around your above ground portable spa pool to create the illusion of an inground hot tub.

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The increasing demand for spas has led to a large variety in the ranges and models of spas available to meet the varied needs and desires of the modern spa user. An outdoor spa is seen as the perfect way to complement an existing inground pool and in some cases, it’s popular to just install inground spas for small backyards in place of an actual pool. This makes sense because an in ground hot tub or spa is like having a heated pool that can be used all year round and can be especially enjoyable when the heat is cranked up to sit and relax in comfort on a cold winter’s day.

If you want to find out more about how an inground spa could fit into your life contact us today. The team at Sapphire Spas can help run through suitable inground spa designs and also suggest how to proceed with planning and permits.