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Spas range

Our mypersonaltrainer is the most popular swim spa this month and lots of happy customers are treating themselves to myextravagance, our top of the range luxury spa pool.


It costs the same to use a Sapphire Spa 24/7 heated by our heat&cool pump, as it does to use some of our COMPETITOR'S SPAS ONLY ONCE A WEEK.

Australia made spas

Made in Australia, best in the World! We actually make these spas in Australia so you can visit our Victorian manufacturing plant and call us for service, spare parts and technical assistance.

Sapphire Spas: 12 years ago, we had a dream...

Of course we were hoping to build a successful and profitable company, but we challenged ourselves a little more than that.

Over many cups of coffee, we collected our fresh and eager hopes to make an impact on the industry in such a way that we would actually improve the lifestyle of people like you who chose to purchase one of our portable spa pool or swim spa creations. We didn't just want to give you 'a box of hot water and bubbles', we wanted to make a difference to your life.

We thank our customers who've supported us in our FIRST 10 YEARS IN BUSINESS; your reaction reinforces the pride we take in knowing we've added a valued and much loved quality to your everyday life. Not only do we hear stories of improved family time, happy and healthy kids and injury rehabilitation beyond doctors expectations, but we love to hear that, even 10 years on, you are still enjoying your Sapphire Spa.

We'd love to hear from you, so please 'contact us' with your story.

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