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You're sure to find a Sapphire SWIM SPA to suit your lifestyle at 'Always Clear' Newcastle



Sapphire Spas Newcastle store at Always Clear offers more than what can be imagined. When it comes to guaranteeing customer satisfaction with swim spas at Newcastle, nobody does it better than Sapphire Spas! We offer all our Newcastle customers with a comprehensive assistance on delivery of their swim spa to ensure a full understanding of the features' utility, maintenance and answering questions about water chemistry or operation

Market Leader in Swim Spa, Newcastle

Sapphire Spas are made using the finest support structure and high-quality material. Our Newcastle swim spa tubs are precision engineered with flawless design. The scope of human error is obviated from the beginning of the construction process as each Sapphire Spas component fits naturally in place.
Each piece of advanced technology in your heated Sapphire Spas tub water will ensure maximum peace and relaxation!
Onsite service and customer support is our topmost priority. This is why we are proud of arming each of our customers with the information for making a knowledgeable decision considering type and price of their Sapphire Spas' swim spa. We offer unparallel chemical sales, after-sales assistance, spa advice (both online and offline) and servicing. Furthermore, we also deal with spare parts for pools and spas sourced from many leading manufacturers.

Offering top-notch swim spa & pools

Collaborating with Australia's well-known swim spa brand- "Sapphire Spa", "Always Clear" offers swim spas, spa pools, as well as easy-to-move 6 meter spa and pool combinations. Sapphire Spas are the only company dealing with premium spas and hot tubs that has been fully accredited for manufacturing and exporting spas throughout the world. At "Always Clear", you can find the best swim spa at Newcastle which is energy efficient and utilitarian to suit all your needs.

Servicing Your Area 

"All Clear's" highly trained team offers immediate servicing for all Sapphire Spas products in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Rutherford, Maitland, Cessnock, Singleton, Kurri Kurri, Swansea, Raymond Terrace, Nelsons Bay, Warners Bay, Thornton, Central Coast, Wyong  and The Entrance, regions by providing an exhaustive array of top quality Australian made Sapphire Spas products and spare parts. Reach out to the "All Clear" store today to know more

Sapphire Spas' Swim Spa Collection at Newcastle

Sapphire Spas, brings to you and assorted range of swim spa Newcastle which are designed and manufactured using cutting-edge technology and modern design. No matter if you are searching for a family compatible swim spa or a spa pool for your athletic training needs; we have you covered from tip to toe! Have a quick look further at the three broad categories of energy efficient and top quality swim spas, Newcastle which we offer you:
Sapphire swim spas are our largest spas energy efficient models which can be utilized throughout the year. Swim spas are like your personalized gyms offering hydrotherapy sessions at the other end. You can choose to walk, swim or even sprint against the upstream jet currents that can be adjusted for all types of underwater fitness. You can even set to "kid-friendly" currents to teach children to swim.



Have a look at some of our best sellers from our spa pool ranges below:

 my Swim gym 3 person spa


Is combining a spa pool and a gym in a single streamlined model possible? Indeed, with the mySwimgym, you can have all this and more! With this outdoor spa tuck right within your backyard, you can have a designated aqua-workout spot, which can double-up as a kids' play-pool in the non-seating area. Or, you can choose to relax with a full body rub down in the spa's hot seat. With the hydro jets' healing pressure, ladies can strategically sit with their thighs, buttocks, feet and calves in the jets' line of therapeutic streaming. Hydro-training has proven additional over land-based exercising; with your muscles being challenged from every direction by the water's frictional capacity. Additionally, the swim spa's warm water improves and stimulates flexibility and blood flow for enhanced mobility. Imagine mySwimgym to be your personalized water based yoga class, located right in your backyard!


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myPersonaltrainer 6 Person Spa


myPersonaltrainer is one of Sapphire Spas most impeccable in-line products. It can offer all the resources you would require to enhance your physical (and subsequently mental) health or sustain your current fitness-levels. Hydrotherapy cum exercise is a proven way to maintain fitness as the water's viscosity trains your muscles like nothing else. This cannot be replicated in any manner by land-based training exercises (air's friction is negligible in water's comparison).

You can choose the hydro jet’s pace, whether pleasant or challenging. The myPersonaltrainer spa tub is equipped with four (4) adjustable, energy -optimized swim jets for creating an upstream current that you can voluntarily swim against. As soon as you are done with your training routine, get ready for a full-body rub down by simply standing in a corner against the vertical jet panel. Then you can scoot over to a hot seat or lounger with an ergonomic jet arrangement to stimulate blood circulation and tissue repair. To have a multiple-seat swim spa, take a quick look at myLapswim. MyPersonalTrainer is our most in-demand, high quality Newcastle swim spa model. To know more about it, simply click here.


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myLapswim 12 Person Spa


Needless to say, the COVID-19 pandemic has rendered travel obsolete. This means that creating the perfect "holiday vibe" at home is everybody's last resort. MyLapswim provides a perfect solution in the form of a swimming pool and spa in a single affordable, convenient, and portable model. You do not have to create additional construction requirements or hole-digging to use your myLapswim. Simply turn on the jets after a strenuous exercise session and soak in the tub's heavenly heated water.

No matter if the kids want to splash-splash, athletes wish to train or those struggling with creaking joints want to heal, adjust the jets' pressure to your level of intensity and enjoy a desired hydrotherapy/fun treatment thereafter. The meticulously configured duo of air and hydro massage jets is nearly perfect to modulate them to your preferred level of water pressure.


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