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Delivering a higher volume of water & greater jet pressure in both filtration and hydrojet boost pump modes, this revolutionary pump provides better filtration, whisper quiet operation and full 3Hp hydrojet output. Eliminating the need to run an additional circulation pump to ensure adequate filtration...

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  • Underwater perimeter lighting. LED perimeter chain lighting has been subtly positioned beneath the waterline to supply an elegant ambience to your spa pool and outdoor entertaining area.
  • Kaleidoscope full lighting system. Perimeter chain lighting & topside LED lighting supply an elegant ambience to your spa pool and outdoor entertaining area.
  • iPod fluid dock underwater surround sound. With new transducer speakers for underwater surround sound. Place your iPod in the waterproof docking station and enjoy complete control via your spaside touchpad.
  • Fluidscent aromatherapy. Takes advantage of the benefits to be gained from wholistic therapy.
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Bed of bubbles

‘Bubbles of air’ can be enjoyed in the mist of a waterfall, beside a free flowing mountain stream and in the refreshing ocean air of the beach. All we have done is harnessed the power of oxygen and made it possible for you to enjoy every day...

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Sapphire Spas offer a generous selection of colours so you can create the perfect spa to integrate with your home and lifestyle....

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