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If you’re looking for a relaxing and refreshing hot tub experience at your home, you’re at the right place. A hot tub is often denoted to traditional wooden built in-ground tubs used for recreational activities with a considerable warm temperature of the water. A hot tub spa is often confused with an in-ground built spa. But here we are to let you know the difference and provide you with a range of stylistically improvised hot tubs that you can easily install at your place.



At Sapphire Spa, we know what it takes to build the perfect hot tubs for our customers’ satisfaction. We have gathered years of experience in the industry and established long lasting customer relationships across the country and worldwide. What makes us stand apart is our ability to provide our clients with personalized and well-designed hot tub spas for their special purposes at cost-effective packages.

People often have muscle cramps due to inappropriate postures, neck and shoulder pain, excruciating body aches, and difficulties such as arthritis, diabetes and so on. A daily use of Sapphire Hot Tubs has proved to be very effective in dealing with such medical issues faced by many people these days. It also helps you to lose unwanted weight efficiently.

To give it a more flexible nature, our Aussie version of the hot tubs are referred to as spa pools that give you a rejuvenating experience with a hot soak and a therapeutic massage at your own convenience. We differ our products from the traditional hot tubs and strive towards the well-being of our clients. Our range of hot tub spas are medically tested and proven to serve with the best end-results. 


Our Range of Hot Tubs


We have a diverse range of hot tubs that fits for every purpose according to the needs and desires of the clients.


The spa pools or hot tubs categorized within this range are best suited for couples or for families with younger kids. These could be easily adjusted within a small space in your backyard, balcony or patio. The tubs that range within this category generally measure about 2m in length or even less than that. A few tubs can easily manage to fit in about five to six people but mostly children. Since these are compact in size, they don’t have much leg room that makes it suitable for small families or children parties as well. The products that range within this category are:

  • mySpace
  • myPartner
  • myGetaway
  • mySplash
  • myOasis
  • myEscape
  • myFavourite




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If you’re looking for a spacious and comfortable hot tub spa for you and your children, the products that range within this category are a perfect fit for your purpose. Families with children above sixteen year olds or people looking for larger group recreational activities in a hot tub, this category would readily fulfill their needs. The spas are built with extra depth to provide you with more leg room and the leg massage jet system in Sapphire hot tubs provide you with a full body massage. The hot tub spas that are available within this category usually are about 2m long and are equipped with 2 pumps. These are used to power about 60 jets within the tub. The products that range in this category are:

myDelight myDream myTemptation myFamily myObsession myHotTub myHome myLuxury

  • myDelight
  • myChillout
  • myDream
  • myTemptation
  • myFamily
  • myObsession
  • myHotTub
  • myHome
  • myLuxury


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You don’t need to step out of your homes for experiencing a rich and lavish hot soak massage. Sapphire Spa brings to you the best of luxurious spas for an invigorating body massage within the perimeters of your home. These are much larger in size measuring to about 2.3m and more. Most of the hot tubs have been equipped with around 3 pumps that power around 70 jets. The tubs that are categorised into other ranges such as compact or family have around 60 jets powered by 2 pumps. The products that are available in this category are:

  •  myExtravagance
  • myRelaxation
  • myCelebration
  • myRecovery
  • myRetreat
  • myTimeout


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We have all heard of pool parties. With our entertainer hot tub ranges, you can now organize brilliant spa pool parties without any extravagant expenses and at the comfort of your own house. These are about 3m long and can easily provide a seating space for about eight people while you can squash in more three or four to have a hot tub party. Although, they are mostly equipped with 2 pumps powering 60 jets in the spa pool.The products that range within this category are:

  • myParadise
  • myFriends
  • myParty
  • myTeam


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A Little Bit about Us

We are an Australian built and owned company that have been in the industry for years providing the best of our services to local customers and international clients as well. We have gathered the trust of several customers by being able to supply the best portable outdoor hot tubs according to their preferences. We pride ourselves on the quality of the material that we source for our spa pools and swim spas. There are a diverse range of swim spas that we help our customers with. We have client-friendly policies and also take care of any legal issues that you may face while installing a personalized hot tub or a swim spa at your own space. Also, with years of our experience in the industry, we know what it takes to provide our customers with 100% satisfactory results and offer reliable services to our clients.

Get in Touch with Us

Need a professional help in deciding for the best indoor and outdoor portable hot tub for your space? We’re here to help you out with all your needs. You can visit us at our stores which are situated at short drives from most of the localities. Or you can get in touch with us over phone with our contact number at the website. If you wish to connect with us over social media platforms, you can find us at Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Want to purchase your desired portable outdoor/ indoor hot tub or go for an easy installation? Get it done with us with the most valuable services provided to you!


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