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We take pride in presenting to you, our refreshing range of spa pools. Having recently reassessed every shape, colour, jet layout, energy saving component and optional extra, we are confident that you will enjoy the benefits Sapphire Spas will provide to your health, body, lifestyle and back pocket.
Manufactured right here in Australia with optimum components, sourced from the very best within the industry, every Sapphire Spa is backed by our unmatched aussietough warranty. Big business stability, coupled with small business service guarantees you quality, consistency and reliability.
You know our spas are locally manufactured but, more importantly, they are locally serviced for your peace of mind. If, by some chance, you need our help, then one of our dedicated Australia wide team is only a local phone call away; no need to wait for parts from overseas or time zones to coincide for technical support. Rest assured that you are protected by the Sapphire Spas lifecarecommittment. With the inclusion of our revolutionary POWERsmart technology, we offer spas that are high performance and easy to clean with the lowest running costs & energy use.
Our spas have been designed to appeal to each of you in a different way. You may be looking for a budget spa to leave you some cash to option it up with an iPod fluid dock and lighting package. A classic series spa already has a few little extras thrown in, or if you are after ‘one with the lot’, look no further than the highly optioned extreme series.
No need to compromise! Whichever spa pool you choose, can be customised to suit YOU as Sapphire Spas are more than happy to ‘make to order’ to fulfill your dreams. Sapphire Spas

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