why go Extreme?

essential collection

Leading the way in comfort and design with our revolutionary approach, Sapphire Spas has perfected the ‘high end’ spa

advanced pump technology

varidrive 80

stunning. silent. sequences.

the power of a wave.

varidrive 80

world's first varidrive 80

all-in-one SMARTpump

v80 pump system

Standard on all EXTREME spas
Most advanced hydrotherapy pump

Superior performance

Whisper quiet 80 speed pump
Preset massage sequences

Advanced manufacturing

50% more efficient than traditional pumps
Ability to move more water efficiently at a lower cost

Unrivalled reliability

Quiet, tough and reliable
Latest in electronic controls
Superior performance
Superior hydraulic design delivers effortless performance

beautifully pure water


gentle on the skin. simple water care. no odour.

like bathing in fresh water

spa water enriched with oxygen

We care how you feel in our spas, so we’ve created the purest sanitation method, that literally feels like you are bathing in drinking water Our unique double defence combination of CD ozone and UVc barrier destroys 99.9% of bacteria, parasites and other micro organisms and effectively oxidises body fats and oils Clearzone spa sanitisation reduces chemical usage by up to 75% on conventional sanitisation methods. It maintains a more stable water balance, less prone to pH fluctuations

Experience the purest spa water possible:

  • NO chemical smell or taste
  • NO skin or eye irritation
  • REDUCED running costs
  • NO corrosive effect
  • NO need for daily chlorine dose
  • No shower needed after your spa

Consider clearzone if you have allergy concerns

You can upgrade to clearzone as it’s easy to retro-fit to existing spas

Large 4.3” viewing area, optimised for use outdoors, the anti-glare & anti-reflective screen is easy to use with wet or dry hands

With software tailored for use with your Sapphire Spa, intuitive menus let you take control of every function with ease

SpaNet heat pumps are the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient spa heaters available in Australia

You will experience savings of up to 75% over conventional electric heaters and 55% less than natural gas

Our heat pumps are fully integrated into our operating systems which means no need to have an electrician install wiring as power is sourced directly from the spa

Control your spa from anywhere in the world with the mySpaLINK app

Combined with mySpaLINK, mySpaHiFi delivers a high definition stereo sound system for your spa, offering exceptional clarity with subwoofer support

blizzard cover

reduce run cost

designed to keep heat in and cold out

blizzard cover.
reduced run cost.
added durability.

  • full heat seal to reduce run cost
  • 130-100 taper for added strength
  • aluminium reinforced
  • top stitch for added durability
  • improved aesthetics
  • 8 tie downs for safety in harsh conditions
  • heat in : cold out

extreme spas

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